VMM SSP Publishing to the internet

VMM SSP Publishing to the internet

First we should  understand that SCVMM Self-Service portal is using ActiveX controls to connect the remote VM.

The Self-Service Portal is accessed using Internet Explorer which requires ActiveX controls to provide remote access to virtual machines on managed hosts.

When a user uses the Self-Service Portal to view or connect to any of their virtual machines, they will be prompted to install the appropriate ActiveX control in Internet Explorer on their local machine.

Self-Service Portal will use ActiveX control VMMCtlAx and VMRCActiveXClient to connect with the remote VM, both ActiveX control are using RDP protocol to talk with remote VM.

Scenario 1: Opening SSP2.0 portal -> Virtual machine page -> Listing of VM

Status of SSP : Working

Reason:  U1 tries to contact website which is possible. Website is able to talk to Engine machine and VMM hence You are able to see list of VMs.

Scenario 2: Connect VM Operation getting failed -> Open SSP2.0 portal -> Virtual machine page -> Listing of VM -> Try to connect

Status : Operation failed.

Reason: U1 is using machines from external world to connect to ssp.company.lcl ->  Active X got installed on U1 machine -> for connect operation- This active X instead of going through Website directly goes to host for connect operation ->  As Hyper V and U1 are on different network -> it is not working.

Workaround : You can check if somehow you can provide direct connection of host to U1 user machine.

Based on this behavior, we can learn that we cannot publish Self-Service Portal via ISA to connect VM via HTTPs.

Scenario of SSP on internet is not supported currently. :(

So what is the workaround for that ?!!! We can try solution like UAG




Have a good day!

More info http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/scvmmssp2/thread/b2a19b46-5ea6-42f2-bf80-18f35de8d927/?prof=required

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