Lync Monitoring

Lync Monitoring

The Lync monitoring role gathers data from Lync endpoints, servers and Lync phones. The data specifies media quality and usage data and stores them in a SQL database. The server also provides access to the data trough a reporting engine.


To deploy the monitoring role requires a server (hardware and software spec as per all other Lync roles). A full edition of SQL server is required, which can be the same server as the backend of an Enterprise pool. Message Queuing is required on the monitoring server.


The monitoring role can be co-located with the Archiving role. Full details on collocation can be found here.


One Monitoring server can be associated with multiple pools. A single Monitoring server can capture data for 250,000 users. Based on the Lync Server user model, the CDR database grows 31.5 KB per user per day, and the QoE database grows 28 KB per user per day.

The Monitoring server database size can be calculated from the following formula

DB size = (DB growth per user per day) * (Number of users) * (Number of days)


The Monitoring role comprises a number of components:

  • Data Collection Agent - automatically installed on all FE servers
  • Monitoring server - collects data sent by FE via Message Queuing and stores it in the database
  • SQL database - QoEMetrics Schema details and LcsCDR Schema details
  • Message Queuing - installed on Monitoring server as well as FE server
  • SCOM management pack (optional)
  • Monitoring Server Reports (optional)

 Installation requires:

  • Iinstalling and configuring MQ
  • deploy SQL and SQl Reports Service
  • define Monitoring roles in the Lync Topology and publish
  • Install Lync Monitoring servers
  • Install Monitoring Server reports

 Supported SQL Server versions

The same SQL Server versions are supported as for pool database

  • SQL 2008 Std/Ent SP1
  • SQL 2005 Std/Ent SP3

[Note:SQL 2008 R2 now officially supported but the documentation has not all been updated and for exam purposes for a while we can assume any questions will reference 2005/2008 only.]

SQL Server 2008 Express and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition are not supported.


You can use the following cmdlets to configure Monitoring Server:

  • To configure CDR settings, use New-, Set-, Get- and Remove-CsCdrConfiguration. 
  • To configure the QoE settings, use New-, Set-, Get- and Remove-CsQoEConfiguration.
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