PowerShell-Enabled Technologies

PowerShell-Enabled Technologies

Many companies have provided out of the box support for managing their software with Windows PowerShell. This list only covers those companies, not any 3rd-party modules or snap-ins.

Product Manufacturer Versions Features Module/Snapin name Comments Documentation
Exchange Server Microsoft 2007
Cmdlets, GUI on top of PowerShell
  • Microsoft.Exchange.Management
    • PowerShell.Admin
    • PowerShell.E2010
Cmdlets available since version 2007 Exchange 2010 Cmdlets
SQL Server Microsoft
Cmdlets, Provider
  • SqlServerCmdletSnapin100
  • SqlServerProviderSnapin100

  SQL Server PowerShell Overview
System Center Virtual Machine Manager Microsoft 2008, 2008 R2 Cmdlets, GUI on top of PowerShell     SC VMM 2008 Cmdlet Reference
SC VMM 2008 R2 Cmdlet Reference
System Center Operations Manager Microsoft 2007, 2007 R2 Cmdlets, Provider     Getting Started
Windows PowerShell in SC OpsMgr
System Center Data Protection Manager Microsoft 2007, 2010 Cmdlets     DPM 2007 Management Shell
DPM 2010 Cmdlets
System Center Service Manager Microsoft 2010 Cmdlets SMCmdletSnapIn   Service Manager Cmdlets
SharePoint Server Microsoft 2010 Cmdlets  Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell   SharePoint administration by using Windows PowerShell
Office 365 Microsoft
Cmdlets MSOnline

32-bit download
64-bit download

Office 365

Administering Office 365 using PowerShell
Connecting to Exchange Online with PowerShell
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Microsoft 2010 Cmdlets, Provider     MDT 2010 New Feature #16 - PowerShell Support
 Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Microsoft 2012 Cmdlets,
     MDT 2012 Update 1: PowerShell 3.0 support
 Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (DaRT) 8.0  Microsoft  8.0  Cmdlets  Microsoft.Dart    Administering DaRT 8.0 Using PowerShell
VMware vSphere VMware
Cmdlets   Download PowerCLI blog
vSphere Cmdlets Reference
 Microsoft UE-V Microsoft  1.0  Cmdlets, Provider  UEV
   Managing the UE-V 1.0 Agent and Packages with PowerShell and WMI
XenApp Citrix
Cmdlets   Download (requires registration)  
Unified Computing System (UCS) Cisco
Cmdlets  CiscoUcsPS UCS PowerShell Toolkit download Getting started
WebSphere MQ IBM   Cmdlets   Windows PowerShell Library download Using PowerShell with remote queue managers
Active Roles Server Quest Software
Cmdlets   Download
This module can also be used as standalone product to manage Active Directory using LDAP
vPro Intel
Cmdlets   Download  
Data ONTAP NetApp
Cmdlets   Download requires a NOW user ID Data ONTAP PowerShell Community
EqualLogic PS Storage Dell    Cmdlets   Download requires Login  Overview
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