TechNet Profile Achievements

TechNet Profile Achievements

This is a community-created list of the Profile Achievements. To view the official Microsoft release, please visit the Profile FAQ.

There are currently a total of 83 known achievements.


Activity Bronze Silver Gold Comments
Writer New Blogger Blogger II
Blog Conversation Starter
Blogger III
Blogs All-Star
Blog Party Starter
(Microsoft employees only)
Rater New Blog Rater Rated "A" for Awesome Ratings Board President Rating blogs
Commentator New Blog Commentator Blog Commentator II
Blog Commentator III
Commenting on blogs


Activity Bronze Silver Gold Comments
Replies First Forums Reply
Forums Replies I
Forums Replies II
Forums Replies III
Forums Replies IV
Forums Replies V
Forums Replies VI
Replying to forum threads
Answers First Answer Confirmed
Forums Answerer I
Forums Answerer II
Forums Answerer III Forums Answerer IV Having your post
marked as an answer
Code Answers Code Answerer I Code Answerer II Code Answerer III Including code in
your answers
Answerer I
Answerer II
Answerer III
Others propose your
post as an answer, and
later it is marked answer
Curator First Helpful Vote
First Marked Answer
Forums Curator I
Forums Curator II Forums Curator III Votes helpful posts
and marks answers
First Forums Spam
Correctly marking
as spam
Thread Mover I Thread Mover II Thread Mover III Moving thread into
appropriate forum
(Moderators only)


Activity Bronze Silver Gold Comments
Contributor New Gallery Contributor Gallery Contributor II Gallery Contributor III Submitting items to the gallery
Rater New Gallery Rater Gallery Rater II Gallery Rater III Rating items in the gallery
Reviewer New Gallery Reviewer Gallery Reviewer II Gallery Reviewer III Commenting on items
Storyteller New Gallery Storyteller Gallery Storyteller II
Gallery Storyteller III
Participating in Q&A
Making Galleries Better
Better Galleries Together
Participates in all aspects of galleries


Activity Bronze Silver Gold Comments
Completion Profile Complete - - Filling out your profile
Editing About Me Busy Bee - - Large number of edits to your profile
Public Avatar Vanity Award     Large number of changes to your public avatar


Activity Bronze Silver Gold Comments
Contributor New Wiki Contributor Wiki Contributor II Wiki Contributor III
Wiki Ninja
Wiki Ninja Master
Wiki Ninja Supreme
Posting articles
Commentator New Wiki Commentator Wiki Commentator II Wiki Commentator III Comment on existing articles
Community Editor - Wiki Community Editor Wiki Community Editor II Comment when editing articles
Editor New Wiki Editor Wiki Editor II Wiki Editor III Editing existing articles

Translation Wiki

Activity Bronze Silver Gold Comments
Contributor Translation Contributor
TW Contributor I
TW Contributor II TW Contributor III Proposed translation
Translator TW Translator I TW Translator II TW Translator III
TW Superstar Translator
Translation approved
Moderator Translation Moderator
TW Moderator I
TW Moderator II TW Moderator III
TW Superstar Moderator

Other Languages

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  • Richard Mueller edited Revision 65. Comment: Any change to the article messes up the tables.

  • Yagmoth555 edited Revision 62. Comment: test - try'ing to get the table border

  • Richard Mueller edited Revision 63. Comment: Table messed up. Will try again to fix.

  • Richard Mueller edited Revision 61. Comment: About Me Busy Bee (under Profile) is available. In comments a user got this 1/25/2013

  • Richard Mueller edited Revision 60. Comment: Vanity Award is available (under Profile). A user got this 11/15/2013.

  • Richard Mueller edited Revision 58. Comment: Vanity Award (Public Avatar under Profile) seems to be available. In Comments a user got this 11/15/2012

  • Richard Mueller edited Revision 59. Comment: All table formatting lost when I modified a cell.

  • Ed Price - MSFT edited Revision 56. Comment: Removing "(en-US)" from title

  • Steven Andrews edited Revision 55. Comment: Added the Vanity Award after I spotted MS Staff with it.  I've tried to obtain it myself but to no success.  I suspect it may no longer be available.

  • Luigi Bruno edited Revision 54. Comment: Added a link in the "Other Languages" section.

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  • Rich Prescott edited Revision 43. Comment: Colored activities

  • Rich Prescott edited Revision 44. Comment: bolded activities to make them more prominent

  • So colorful! =^)

  • Richard Mueller edited Revision 45. Comment: For Forums Curator Comments changed "proposes answers" to "identifies answers"

  • Richard Mueller edited Revision 46. Comment: Moved "First Marked Answer" in Forums table from "Answers" Activity to "Curator". The person must identify an answer.

  • So if I am reading the Forums Curator part right, you have to mark a reply as an answer to get the achievement, not propose answers.  That means to get the achievements, you need to mark 10-50-1000 answers.  That means you either have to ask a LOT of questions or be a forum moderator.  If that is true, it should probably be marked as such.

  • Rich Prescott edited Revision 47. Comment: Merged the forums voting into the Curator achievement row.

  • Rich, I believe you are correct about the Forum Curator achievements. My reading of the FAQ suggests both "First Helpful Vote" and "First Marked Answer" are really Curator achievements, as they are now shown.

  • Rich Prescott edited Revision 49. Comment: Clarified description for Forums Curator achievements

  • Thanks Rich, very nice

  • Excellent and useful: well done, Ritch.

  • Thank you .

  • Wonder whehter anything changed with 'Wiki Achievements' with the most recent updates (noticed things changed slightly in early December). I created my first Wiki page in December (:-)) but noticed no achievement added to my profile.

    Any thoughts anyone?

  • BlueSky2010, your new Wiki article is shown in your profile (plus an edit and a comment), so the system knows about it. The achievement should have shown up, but sometimes they seem to take a few days, like a process needs run. If it doesn't show up Monday, ask in the Profile & Recognition forum

  • Thanks Richard - I'll do so.