Exclusion for a Group Policy Object

Exclusion for a Group Policy Object

I have seen numarous post for a simple GPO query that how do I exclude some users/computers for a Group Policy object.
I have given every screenshot for excluding a GPO.

You have to install the GPMC for 2003 but in 2008 GPMC is available in any DC.

Open the GPMC

Select the GPO

Click on the delegation tab

Click on Advance

Add the user , you want to exclude from that GPO and click on OK

Check the read "Deny" and Apply Group Polcy "Deny" and click on apply.

Click Yes

Click OK

Now that GPO will be not appilied on Harry.

Same thing you can do for computer exclusion

There is another way to exclude user/users and computer/computers through security filtering. Find the below link for security filtering.
You will get the step by step information woth screenshots.


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  • Denying a GPO using this method should only be a last resort.  There are multiple other ways to have the GPO only apply to certain objects (link only to certain OUs, security filtering, item-level targeting, etc).

  • Yes Rich hence I have mentioned the security filtering in this link

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