There are times that you may need to refresh the schema of the FIM Service Management Agent. Typically, management agents are refreshed by selecting Refresh Schema under the Actions menu. The FIM Service Management agent is a bit different. Here are the recommended steps to refresh the FIM Service Management Agent Schema.


  1. In the Synchronization Service Manager, select Management Agents
  2. Select the FIM Service Management Agent
  3. From the Actions menu, select Properties (You can also double click on the management agent.)
  4. Select the Connect to Database tab
  5. Type the password for the FIM MA account
  6. Click the Ok button

    7. Click yes to refresh the schema 

Now, let’s verify that there was communication between the FIM Synchronization Server and the FIM Service Server. 

    1. Once you the refresh has completed, open Internet Explorer and navigate to the FIM Portal.
    2. Select Search Requests
    3. Click the Magnifying Glass to search "All Today’s Requests"
    4. You are looking for the ma-data objects and the mv-data object to be updated around the time frame of the FIM Service Management Agent schema refresh. (The example below is for the FIM Service Management Agent and one other)