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Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC)

The MCC award "is a badge offered by Microsoft, which is designed to recognize notable contributions to Microsoft online community forums such as TechNet, MSDN, O365 and Microsoft Community." There are more active MCCs in these tools than MVPs. It is more difficult to become an MVP, and the selection process is more rigorous. The MCC selection process is now automatic, based on your accomplishments. For more about the selection process and how to become an MCC or MVP, see How to Become an MVP or MCC.

MCC awardees receive the award status in your TechNet/MSDN/Community profile and your name listed on the recipient list, after opting-in via mail.

The MCC award expires after 90 days (MVP lasts 1 year).

As an MCC, you can also become an MVP (and MVPs can be awarded as MCCs). You will keep your MCC status until the MCC award expires after 90 days.

Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

The MVP award takes those contributions into consideration, but it looks beyond these tools at overall industry leadership. They consider quality, quantity, and level of impact. It involves sharing knowledge (Forums, Wiki, blogs, Gallery), speaking at conferences, and leading others. They evaluate based on whether you're educating the community, providing support to the community, and providing feedback to the product teams (but they look for people who lead others in these goals). They evaluate on the previous 12 months of contributions. For more about the selection process and how to become an MCC or MVP, see How to Become an MVP or MCC.

Because the MVP award evaluates a wider array of leadership, the process is more rigorous and it might take more work to become an MVP. Because an MVP is awarded on the previous 12 months of contributions, you have to have been active and consistent for over a year. When you see an MVP, you know the person has made great contributions within the last 12 months of the award date.

MVPs are nominated by specific Microsoft employees and by MVPs. However, MVPs can also be nominated by anyone via an option on the Web site. (The MCC award is automatic.)

MVP awardees receive "a small set of services and other benefits." Although small, there are more benefits to the MVP program. The benefits include (among other benefits) the award status in your TechNet/MSDN profile, a listing among the official Microsoft MVPs, and an MVP profile page.

The MVP award is divided by specific technology, and the award is based on a full year of contributions.

You can become an MCC, even if you're an MVP. (This is a change to the program. Previously, MVPs couldn't become MCCs.)


Both awards share common elements:
  • Neither holds expectations for future contributions.
  • They are awarded based on evaluations of previous contributions.
  • Both receive the award status next to your name in TechNet, MSDN, and Microsoft Community forums.


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Microsoft Community Contributor (MCC)

Most Valuable Professional (MVP)


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This article is part of the Wiki series: MSDN/TechNet Forums.

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