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In this scenario you are developing and application that uses (listens or/and sends) Service Bus queues. You want to make sure that access to the queues controlled according to the permissions that clients have. The Clients' identities should be managed and validated by third party vs. by application. Permissions should be managed by third party too. Actual access check and enforcement is performed by Service Bus.

  • Client identities managed by 3rd aprty.
  • Permissions managed by 3rd party.
  • Access checks made by Service Bus

Solution Approach

ACS is used to solve this scenario.  

  • ACS manages client identities and credentials.
  • ACS manages permissions using ACS Rule Engine (Rules and Rule Groups)
  • ACS issues tokens to clients upon successful authentication and adds appropriate claims based on the configured rules
  • Service Bus validates the token and uses the claims in the token as permissions to grant and deny access to the queue for specific client's request.



How To's

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