SQL Azure Data Sync How To Upgrade

SQL Azure Data Sync How To Upgrade

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SQL Azure Data Sync Preview is not backward compatable with the CTP2 version. This article covers how to move from the CTP2 version of SQL Azure Data Sync to the Preview version.

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 How to I upgrade from CTP2 to the Preview version of SQL Azure Data Sync?

Essentially there are two broad steps:
  1. Clear out all your CTP2 artifacts
  2. Recreate your sync groups on Preview

Clear out all CTP2 Artifacts

Make sure your databases are de-provisioned i.e. Sync related metadata should be cleaned up from your database.

You can use a standalone executable deprov.exe for this de-provisioning. This executable was installed when you installed LocalAgentSetup msi for CTP2 (If your system directory is C: and you used default path of installation, this utility will be at c:\program files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Azure Data Sync). Latest version of this msi is at the download center now.


Deprov.exe <connectionstring> [/f]
DeprovisioningUtil.exe <connectionstring> [/f]
  <connectionstring> Specifies the connection string of the Sql Server or Sql Azure database to be deprovisioned.
  [/f] Deprovision without warning.
SQL Server CTP2 deprov "Server=(local);Database=NorthWind;Trusted_Connection=True"
Preview deprovisioningutil "Server=(local);Database=NorthWind;Trusted_Connection=True"
SQL Azure CPT2 deprov "Server=tcp:rwbhdyp2ym.database.windows.net; Database=NorthwindAzure; User ID=<yourID>; Password=<yourPassword>; Trusted_Connection=False;" /f
SQL Azure Preview deprovisioningutil "Server=tcp:rwbhdyp2ym.database.windows.net; Database=NorthwindAzure; User ID=<yourID>; Password=<yourPassword>; Trusted_Connection=False;" /f

Uninstall the local agent.
To uninstall a local agent you:

  1. Open Programs and Features in your Control Panel
    Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features

  2. Find the entry Microsoft SQL Azure Data Sync CTP2 and right-click it.

  3. Select Uninstall.

Recreate Your Sync Groups

To recreate your sync groups see the article SQL Azure Data Sync Create a Sync Group.


This release was provided in order to gather feedback from our customers. Now that you have previewed what the SQL Azure Data Sync team is doing, please let us know what you think of our direction, and tell us about your experiences. You can send us your thoughts in any of the following ways:

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