SQL Data Sync - Known Issues

SQL Data Sync - Known Issues

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This article covers issues that are known to the SQL Data Sync team but for which there are no workarounds.

We will add to and update this article as new issues are discovered. If workarounds are discovered we will move the sub-topic to the Troubleshooting Guide or Best Practices.

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Local Agent Preview does not work

You get the following error messages:

"Sync failed with exception There was an error while trying to deserialize parameter www.microsoft.com/.../05:GetBatchInfoResult. Please see InnerException for more details.

Inner exception message: Type 'Microsoft.Synchronization.ChangeBatch' is an invalid collection type since it does not have a default constructor."

The SQL Data Sync Preview local agent currently does not work with Windows 8 Developer Preview. Additionally the local agent currently won't work with .NET Framework 4.5.


Provisioning fails in the following scenarios

  • The primary key column has a collation defined on it.

    The SQL Data Sync provisioning process does not create a collation on a primary key column in the destination database even though the collation exists on the column in the source database.

  • The name of a table contains a period character (.).

    When you try to add a table whose name contains a period (.) to a sync data set in a sync group, the UI displays only the end name of the table. For example, when you try to add dbo.Test.DataAB table to a sync data set, the UI actually displays dbo.DataAB. If you go ahead and add this table to the sync data set and create the sync group, you won't see any error message. However, provisioning will not occur for the table and also the table dbo.Test.DataAB table is not synchronized at runtime.

  • The column of a table is a computed column.

  • If the total length of schema name and table name (including any square brackets) is greater than 100.


Sync fails in the following scenarios

  • The primary key data is changed in a database in a sync group, the changes do not get synchronized over to the rest of the databases in the sync group

  • Two sync groups use different columns from the same table. In this case, one of the sync groups, the one synchronizing last, will fail to sync.

    For example, if sync group 1 uses columns col1 and col2 and sync group 2 uses col2 and col3 from the same table, table A, one of the groups will fail during sync. However, if both the sync groups use exact same columns from a table, the sync would succeed.

  • Two tables with the same name are involved in sync, even if they belong to different schemas. The SQL Data Sync service uses the same tracking table for tables with same name even if they belong to different schemas. As a result, changes from both tables are reflected in the same tracking table, potentially causing erroneous data changes during sync.

  • A non-nullable column with no default value is filtered for sync.

  • When you filter out columns that are non-nullable and have no-default values on the schema to sync, clients that have filtered version will never be able to sync up their changes, and will always get sync failures.

Member database is added with no sync group associated with it

When you cancel creating a sync group after you add a database to the group, the database still shows up under Member Databases node even though it is not associated with a sync group.


This release was provided in order to gather feedback from our customers. Now that you have previewed what the SQL Data Sync team is doing, please let us know what you think of our direction, and tell us about your experiences. You can send us your thoughts in any of the following ways:

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