As you may know, with the Service Pack 1 release of SCMDM we introduced support for virtualization of our server roles.  This allows you to run the Windows Server 2003 x64 guest OS in a Hyper-V environment.  We wanted to clarify that this applies to the virtualization of the Device Management and Enrollment Server SCMDM roles, but does not apply to the Gateway Server role.

The architecture of the Gateway server requires two network cards, one for the internet and one for the internal network, which the SCMDM VPN monitors traffic on.  We recommend that this should not be implemented on a virtual machine due to the complications that this introduces.  Therefore the supported setup is to use a physical server with 2 network interfaces for your SCMDM Gateway Servers.  For more information about the Gateway Server role and its requirements, please see
Note: This information was originally contributed by Rob Davies, Senior Support Engineer, on the Mobile Device Manager Support Team blog: