I spent all my life on computers, oriented in Microsoft technologies, today, I want give my contribute to the community, trying to explain that, many of the threads I see on Technet in client section are not software system problems but hardware issues. Many of these are due to constructors, some others to wrong memory and hw configuration by the users. In my life, working life, but life in general TIME goes too fast, I don't have never time to spent on issues, so ? I've to solve them quickly, but it's more a way of life in my case. I don't understand how can people spent days trying to solve via sw an hw issue when in half a day they can reinstall a system (client) with all applicantions. This is due in my opinion to fear of being unable to restore the client config, but I think We're all IT PRO, this is MS TECHNET and we've to optimize our time and have not fear to try, so we can help more and more people.
I've written a little error guide that maybe someone can use for learning if the issue is HW or SW.

1) ISSUE: Recursive BSOD!, installed a new driver? NO ok, ram, cpu, usb problems in 99% of cases. Take a clean Windows 7 install (20 minutes), on a new disk, if there's something installation never works. It works? Ok, try for 10.15 minutes, no errors? Perfect, system issue. Your choice if spend many time to find the issue or reinstall all.

2) ISSUE: Power Down, video Down Randomly When Working? NO hibernation or Standby setted? perfect, HW problem, Power Supply, MB, CPU too Warm.

3) ISSUE: PC slow or slowing in last days? Antivirus Scan, nothing? Ok, probably HD Issue, it's full? No? ok, try a chkdsk, if some errors on sectors or lock on chkdsk change                 the HD (clone it! It's faster).

4) ISSUE: Video resolution changes, Image is flashing? Update video driver, not working? Ok, change firstly the monitor, after the VGA.

5) ISSUE: Branded PC with strange issues? The first thing to do is CONTACT THE BRAND, not the Technet,  because contructors (all of them) mistake often, they know                 the issues, and there's many many many issues due to incorrect applications installed on branded pc. This rules is good for alle the HW (printers!)

My 5 points, solved me every day many problems. Obviously they're not the "final solution" but they're helpful. Try them...I hope they can help you!