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Welcome to the TechNet Wiki Portal for Lync Server!

The Lync Server Wiki Portal contains a library of information about Microsoft Lync Server technologies, written by the community, for the community. Whether you write Lync Server code, manage Lync servers, keep mission-critical, Lync-based communications solutions up and running, write a popular Lync blog, or just enjoy digging into details, we hope you will enjoy and contribute to the TechNet Lync Server Wiki.

Unlike the official Lync Server product documentation, the TechNet Lync Server Wiki is a community site where anyone who joins can participate and contribute content.

For the official Lync Server documentation, see the TechNet Library or MSDN Library.

You can also stay up to date with the Lync Server Product Documentation Team by following the NextHop blog, which is our Lync social media hub. From there, you can easily jump to the DrRez Lync PowerShell, and Lync Client Team blogs or the Lync Technical Library.  For Lync online scenarios, check out the Office 365 Community site.

If you have specific questions related to Lync Server, you can post them to one of the Lync TechNet forums. If it’s an urgent situation, we suggest you open a case with Microsoft Customer Support Services.

You can give feedback by commenting on an article directly or by sending it to the Lync Server TechNet Wiki alias.

note Important
The Lync Server Wiki focuses on Lync Server technologies. The NextHop team will edit or remove any article that offers erroneous or misleading information, appropriates content from another website, or offers a solution that is not supported by the Lync Server product team. We apologize for any inconvenience this may occassionally cause. You may email the NextHop Team at if you feel your article has been removed without due cause.


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Your feedback is welcome!

To provide feedback, comment directly on a TechNet Wiki page or send to the Lync Server TechNet Wiki alias.

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