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Managing BizTalk can be done with the out of the box Administration Console, which focuses on BizTalk Group itself, managing applications, adapters, etcetera and for troubleshooting purposes. It is not suitable for monitoring BizTalk, generating alerts and notifications. Microsoft offers System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) to enable overall end-to-end monitoring of you entire enterprise IT infrastructure and its applications (i.e. other server products like BizTalk, Exchange, and third party software). Through a single UI an administrator and/or engineer can monitor the health, performance and availability of datacentre environments – across applications, operating systems, hypervisors and even hardware. SCOM uses the term management pack to refer to a set of filtering rules specific to some monitored application like BizTalk Server. This management pack after importing into SCOM offer two views one intended for BizTalk administrator/operator and one for enterprise IT administrator:
  • Application View: A BizTalk administrator or operator is able with these views to  monitor the state and health of various BizTalk Server artifacts and applications such as orchestrations send ports, receive locations, and so on.
  • Deployment View: An enterprise IT administrator is able to monitor the state and health of the various enterprise deployments the machines hosting the SQL Server databases, machines hosting the SSO service, host instance machines, IIS, network services, and so on

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