The following article describes how to configure an image repository using IIS.  An image repository is an optional server that is used for image distribution (where administrators upload new images and client computers check the server every 15 minutes and update their image if a new one is available).

An image distribution server requires the following:

When adding role services, select the following supported authentication methods:

  • Basic Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • Client Certificate Mapping Authentication

When configuring IIS, include the following:

    • Add a virtual directory, with the alias named MEDVImages. The physical path should point to the location of the images.
    • Enable BITS.
    • Add the following MIME types:
      • .ckm (application/octet-stream)
      • .index (application/octet-stream)
    • On the MED-V site, add read permissions to Everyone.
    • Restart IIS.

The above information is also available at MED-V Planning, Deployment and Operations guide doc.