AppFabric FAQ: PowerShell Cmdlets for AppFabric

AppFabric FAQ: PowerShell Cmdlets for AppFabric

PowerShell Cmdlets for AppFabric

Q: Where is the PowerShell console for AppFabric located?
A: To display the PowerShell console for AppFabric, you must add the AppFabric PowerShell module to a generic PowerShell session.

Q: Application and service management tasks in AppFabric can be performed using the user interface in the AppFabric IIS Manager Extension or PowerShell cmdlets for AppFabric. Can all tasks performed in the IIS Manager extensions UI also be performed using AppFabric cmdlets, and vice versa?
A: No. Many management tasks that are performed in the IIS Manager UI can also be performed using AppFabric cmdlets, and vice versa. For these tasks, when you perform an operation in the UI, the operation is actually carried out by one or more AppFabric cmdlets. However, some management tasks can only be accomplished in the UI and not in AppFabric cmdlets, and some management tasks can only be accomplished using AppFabric cmdlets and not in the UI. For more information, refer to the Managing an Application section of the AppFabric of the ApplicationServerExtensions.chm. Many procedures (and the specific steps in them) that are covered in this section are documented by both UI-based topic and a cmdlet-based topic. Some procedures (and the steps in them) are covered by one of those topics, but not the other. For more information about the AppFabric IIS Manager extensions, refer to IIS Manager Extensions.

Q: Can I can manage machines remotely using AppFabric cmdlets?
A: Yes. You can manage sites, applications, or services deployed on a remote server using AppFabric cmdlets with PowerShell Remoting.

Q: Can the PowerShell for AppFabric functionality be extended?

A: Yes. You can create custom cmdlets for your own purposes. For more information, refer to the Windows PowerShell SDK.

Q. Will there be tools to support scripting of the AppFabric management actions?

A. Yes. All AppFabric configuration and control actions as well as some query actions are fully scriptable via PowerShell cmdlets. AppFabric provides cmdlets that provide the same level of access to configuration and management of hosted applications as the tools provided in the IIS Management console.

Q: Is there a web service API for controlling AppFabric?

A: No, only PowerShell.

Q: Can you put transaction scope around the PowerShell commands?

A: We’re still evaluating which version of PowerShell “AppFabric” depends upon, which will determine the answer to the question. We welcome customer feedback around relative priority for this feature.

Q. Does AppFabric provide PowerShell scripting of packaging and deployment of applications?

A. AppFabric uses Web Deploy for packaging and deployment. Via the scriptability of Web Deploy one can both produce packages from IIS and Visual Studio 2010 and deploy those packages using scripts.

Q. Does AppFabric support remote machine management?

A. Yes. IIS Manager can be used to connect to a remote machine that has AppFabric installed as well as remote execution of cmdlets via the PowerShell v2.0 provided capabilities (installed on both client and server). Remoting Powerhell requires the Windows remote management services (WinRM service) to listen to WSMAN requests over https from the PowerShell console at the remote location.
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