Retired: SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment

Retired: SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment

The service is retired on Apr. 4. For more questions please contact me. Thanks!
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  • helpful article..

  • Check the SSDT blog. There is a post-CTP4 SSDT update that fixes VS2010SP1 incompatibility. Also read the blog to resolve confusion about redundant VS project templates; SSDT installs new node/items and will replace VS2010 tools in next VS release. Really wish Microsoft could clean up its download story.

  • First of all, thanks for providing us this valuable tool that helps us understanding the efforts required to migrate a SQL Server database from to “SQL Azure” platform.

    I would like to ask whether the tool supports verification of stored procedures and functions.

    I just uploaded the .dacpac file generated executing SQLPackage tool, and found only some restrictions on missing clustered indexes and some modifiers like FILL_FACTOR, which are not supported and I knew that.

    However we have about 2k between sps and functions, and all seem to be compliant, which sounds quite strange…

  • Adriano,

      Thank you very much for trying out this lab!

      This first version of lab hasn't supported checking the bodytext of stored procs and functions. I'll add this clarification into the blog. Thanks again, please stay tuned!

  • Is the service "SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment" still available for use? if retired why?

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