TechNet Wiki Gotchas

TechNet Wiki Gotchas

"Gotchas" are sometimes also called "lessons learned" and "best practices" (it is a best practice to avoid a "gotcha"). These are the top "gotchas" or "issues" that folks seem to have trouble with on the TechNet Wiki. Please add any you have encountered.

  1. How do I get started?
  2. Where is the Edit button?
    • Most people find the wiki articles through internet search engines.  When you first land on a wiki article page, you see two tabs at the top of the page: Article and History.   If you are Signed in, you will see an additional tab Edit.
  3. How do I join?
    • Review this wiki topic, or this video demonstration.
  4. How do I find stuff?
    1. The search box on the wiki page is search of the wiki, not internet search or TechNet Search.
  5. How do I get back to the wiki home page?
    • The Home button at the top of the wiki page takes you to TechNet Home, not the wiki home. The wiki homepage URL is (you can bookmark it). The home button in this toolbar takes you to "wiki home."
  6. How can I figure out who wrote stuff?
    • The History tab is the record of all the changes to an article, when, and who changed them. To see what changed
    • To undo ("revert") a change, see How to Revert an Article Change
    • To see the information on the account that made the change, see All Things Profile
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