Lately I passed by this issue with a client trying to implement the UAG Direct Access using UCC SAN (Subject Alternative Name) Certificate. The Problem was that the Direct Access IPHTTPS URL name “” was not the common name of the Certificate (The common name was or UCC SAN certificates aren't supported by the Direct Access. Its recommended to have the Common name matching the Direct Access IPHTTPS URL otherwise a manual work around should be done on both the UAG server and the UAG client. Microsoft recommends either Wildcard certificate or normal HTTPS certificate for the DA name.

UAG Server

The Direct Access URL should be adjusted manually on the UAG server using the Netsh command as follows:

Netsh Interface HTTPStunnel Set Interface
Then run
Netsh Interface HTTPStunnel show interface

UAG Client

The UAG clients/OU (according to your setup) GPO need to be modified manually to add the Direct Access URL.
Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates/Network/TCPIP Settings/IPv6 Transition Technologies/IP-HTTPS State

Make sure to update the GPO on the client (GPupdate /force) and activate the UAG configuration

For more details on this issue and other UAG/Direct Access issues, please check my blog