Below is a clarification of our support statement regarding applications virtualized with a 3rd party sequencer used in conjunction with Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V):

Microsoft Application Virtualization allows for the usage of applications sequenced by 3rd party sequencing products in App-V environments and Microsoft will provide support for App-V environments that contain these application packages related to all App-V client and server operational issues with the following exceptions:

•   Microsoft's App-V Support team will ask you to contact the 3rd party application vendor for support relating to issues with the actual sequencing process of an application with the 3rd party product.

•   Microsoft's App-V Support team will not support issues relating to how an application behaves inside the virtualized environment when sequenced using a 3rd party product. Microsoft App-V Support team refers to this issue as a virtualization or an "application not functioning as expected" issue. When these specific issues arise, we will require either cross-collaborative engagement with the sequencing vendor or that the virtualization issue be reproduced with the actual App-V sequencer.  This may require that the customer re-sequence the application using the Microsoft App-V sequencer. It is important to understand that this would be viewed as a troubleshooting step and not necessarily a solution, however further engagement with the 3rd-party sequencing vendor would be needed for collaborative purposes and to further troubleshoot the issue.

For more information on support for 3rd party applications virtualized with Microsoft App-V see the following Knowledge Base article:

 KB940729 - Description of the support policy for Microsoft programs that are running in a Microsoft SoftGrid Application Virtualization environment

Note: This information was originally provided by Steve Thomas, Senior Support Escalation Engineer, on the App-V Team blog: