Wiki: Platforms Portal

Wiki: Platforms Portal

Una plataforma es un elemento crucial en el desarrollo de software. Una plataforma puede ser definida simplemente como "un lugar para lanzar el software. Se puede incluir un marco o sistema operativo. Lea más sobre las siguientes plataformas mencionadas en TechNet Wiki.

. NET Framework

Active Directory


Windows 7 / Vista

Windows Embedded

  • [[Artículos: Windows Guía de Supervivencia Compacto incorporado]]
  • [[Artículos: Windows Embedded Compact]]
  • [[Artículos: Windows Embedded: Etiquetas Común]]

Windows Mobile / Windows Phone

Windows PowerShell

Windows Server

Windows Small Business Server

Solución Windows Server

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  • cool..

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  • Hello. Will this portal be open to Windows 8 content, as well as for Windows Server 2012? Thank you.

  • Interesting. I think WSBS 2011 Standard would be a nice addition, too. Thanks!

  • @D Monteiro

    I have the same question. Any luck?

  • Martin, D Monteiro, GarageDoor, and Air Ambulance...

    All these questions have the same answer... Yes.

    Chances are, the content already exists. If you are an active community member, you can contribute by finding the content (using Search and Tags) and adding it to this article (create a new technology section and add the links).


  • It's so nice that you guys included Active Directory. :) thanks!

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