Wiki: Management Portal

Wiki: Management Portal

Management refers to the administration of distributed systems. This includes hardware, server availability, software inventory and installation, anti-virus management, network capacity and utilization, and monitoring user activities, capacity, security, and storage.


Community Resources:


System Center

For information on how to participate in the official System Center online community, including blog sites, forums, social media channels and other documentation resources, please see the following:

How to Participate in the System Center Community

System Center Configuration Manager

Community Resources:

System Center Operations Manager

Community Resources:

System Center Service Manager

Community Resources:

System Center Orchestrator

Community Resources:

System Center 2012 Orchestrator - Service Management Automation

Community Resources:

System Center Data Protection Manager

Community Resources:

Windows Server

Community Resources:

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  • Well alot more to learn..

  • What is the challenge you face in managing backups ?

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  • Interesting..

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  • A variety of things belongs System Center.

  • @Aaron

    Can I ask what software you are using? Maybe I can help...


    Nice work!

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