In a recent issue that I worked, we had a Novell eDirectory Management Agent that had been in place for several months.  The Novell eDirectory Management Agent is using SSL to connect to the Novell eDirectory server. 

About a month ago the Novell eDirectory physical server was physically moved to a new location.  Now we are no longer able to connect to the Novell eDirectory server from within the Synchronization Service Manager Console.  We received a “Server Down” error message in the Connection Status window.

è We tried refreshing the schema, by entering the credentials in the Novell eDirectory Management Agent

è We tried creating a new Novell eDirectory Management Agent

è We were successful in connecting via a 3rd party LDAP browser called SoftTerra using SSL

We took a network monitor capture of the process of refreshing the credentials.  In doing so, we found that there could be a problem with the SSL Certificate.

In conclusion, we were able to resolve the problem by refreshing the SSL Certificates on the Novell eDirectory Server.  Now we can connect we can connect to the Novell eDirectory Server via the Novell eDirectory Management Agent.



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