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How to Use This Guide

This guide has the following sections. For better understanding, review them in order, as each section builds on concepts presented in previous sections.

Intended Audience

This guide assumes that the audience has a prior working knowledge of SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search for SharePoint Server 2010.

Introduction / Background

This guide helps the developers in customizing SharePoint Fast Search Server 2010 so that the related meta data can be crawled and shown in search results (which are not part of the crawled property as OOTB). Example: When we search a user name in a document, we can lookup & return phone number and email also; or when we search a city name, we can display the regional or country related data in the search results.

In SharePoint 2010 FAST Search, if a user searches an item against any crawled or managed property, then only the crawled data is displayed but not the related data which is managed by lookup columns and lists. This is because that related data is not part of the crawled property.
The solution provided in this guide helps developer to solve this OOTB issue.

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