App-V Benefits

App-V Benefits

What we can do with App-V?

Here are the list of things that can be done with App-V:

  1. Centralized Management, Scalable Infrastructure
  2. Build disaster recovery sites
  3. Readily Accessible Applications
  4. Simplify Application Deployment, Reduce End User Interruptions
  5. Dynamic Application Virtualization
  6. Reduce Application Management Costs
  7. Enable Roaming and Free Seating
  8. Build Business Continuity for Applications
  9. Consolidate Terminal Servers
  10. Reduce Help Desk  Calls
  11. Accelerate OS  Migrations  Calls
  12. Eliminate Application Conflicts and Regression Tests
  13. Consolidate, Standardize and Stabilize Images
  14. Centralizing the availability of applications
  15. Increasing security applications
  16. Utility Computing Environment  Calls
  17. Support for Branch Office scenarios  Calls
  18. Consolidation and stabilization of the Windows profile  Calls
  19. Consolidation and monitoring a package

Please feel free to add more benefits to this list.

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