Learn how to use "Trust Services" by following these samples.

To download samples, visit Trust Services Samples Download page.


  • Copy SQL Database

    An application that copies a SQL Server table(s) from one database to another, while encrypting and decrypting columns containing sensitive data.

  • Encrypt Windows Azure Blob Store

    A sample interactive demo application that demonstrates an end-to-end scenario, from defining data policies to encryption of the data using Trust Services SDK.

  • School Report

    A sample Windows Forms application embedding a ReportViewer based on a DataSet retrieved from an untrusted SQL instance. This sample demonstrates how to use Trust Services SDK to decrypt data read from untrusted SQL database.

  • Encrypt Files

    A sample application that demonstrates Data Publisher and Data Consumer roles by encryption of two sample files using Trust Services SDK. See ReadMe.txt file included in the .zip file for detailed description and instructions.

  • SSIS Sample

    A sample that shows how to integrate Trust Services into SSIS workflows.

  • ASP.NET Sample

    A sample Web application that allows to experience the roles and to tune encryption and authorization policies.

  • Config Encryption Sample

    A sample that demonstrates how Trust Services can be used to encrypt config files.

  • Search and Retrieve Encrypted Files

A sample application that demonstrates the use of searchable policies and hashing feature to build a search index on encrypted files.


  • Encrypt Files

    A sample script that encrypts all files recursively in a directory using Trust Services SDK PowerShell snap-in. 

  • Generate Policy Template

    A set of PowerShell scripts that allow generating a policy template for all the columns of a SQL Server database and adding the policies to Trust Services after the template is updated by Trust Services Policy Administrator.

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