BizTalk Administrators Guide

BizTalk Administrators Guide


BizTalk administrators play a crucial role in running and maintaining a BizTalk environment. They are responsible to deploy BizTalk environments and applications, monitoring, upgrades, migrations, and all other kinds of administrative tasks like backup/recovery, availability and so on. This article will provide an overview of all useful resources available for BizTalk Administrators.


End of January 2012 a new blog was setup for BizTalk Administrators called BizTalkAdminsBlogging. This blog has currently eight contributors that frequently post stories. There are a couple more blogs of BizTalk professionals targeted towards BizTalk administrators:

TechNet Wiki

On the TechNet you can find numerous articles that can be related to BizTalk Administration:


Another good resource for BizTalk Administrators is of course MSDN, where you can find a lot of information:

White papers

There are a few white papers on BizTalk administration:

BizTalk Server Developer Center

At the BizTalk Server Developer Center you can also find resources for BizTalk administrators. Although the title can be a little misleading as it may look like developer focused. However you will find resources and information that is more administrator specific:


There are two courses you can take that are targeted towards BizTalk Administrators:

There is currently no certification available for BizTalk Administrators. There is only exam 70-595 that test some administrative skills.

Virtual Labs

There is one virtual lab on BizTalk Administration:

Web Casts

There are only a limited number of Web Casts that are useful for BizTalk Administrators:


On LinkedIn you can find groups targeted for BizTalk Administrators:

See Also

Another important place to find a huge amount of BizTalk related articles is the TechNet Wiki itself. The best entry point is BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki.

Read suggested related topics:

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