New in SQL Server 2012 is a Change Data Capture for Oracle by Attunity which allows you to continually copy data from Oracle to SQL Server.

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This feature is helpful in two common business scenarios:
1. Migrating from Oracle database to SQL Server 2012 systems - you can synchronize criticial tables throughout the migration timeframe by copying changes made to the Oracle tables into the SQL Server 2012 tables.
2. Data Warehousing using a SQL Server 2012 system. Changes can be capture from your Oracle database and sent to SQL Server 2012 databases to keep the data warehouse in sync. Build the data warehouse in SQL Server once based on origin data from Oracle, and keep it up to date as the records change. Meet real time OLAP needs.





CDC Installation

The Installer (*.msi) is in the Tools subfolder from the SQL Server 2012 DVD.

Language ID 1033 (English) 64-bit (x64) is located in this folder on the DVD:

Similary English 32-bit is located in this folder on the DVD:

The directory structure on the DVD is organized as follows:  
  • D:\Tools\AttunityCDCOracle
    • x64 contains the 64-bit components
      • 11 Language folders
    • x86 contains the 32-bit components
      • 11 Language folders

Note that there are 32-bit and 64-bit available. You should favor x64 bit if you have a 64-bit server where you are installing the CDC Instance. The Oracle Client installation bitness should match the Attunity bitness to ensure compatibility.

Inside the appropriate bit folder, there is a list of 11 locale IDs and inside those are the relevant MSI for that language.
  • 1028 = Chinese - Taiwan
  • 1031 = German
  • 1033 = English
  • Etc… For a complete chart of Locale ID's see also


    Where Are the Help Files and Product Documentation?

    There are two detailed help file in the Program Files folder. These help files include the product documentation needed to use the CDC for Oracle by Attunity.
    C:\Program Files\Change Data Capture for Oracle by Attunity\Attunity.SqlServer.XdbCdcDesigner.chm
    C:\Program Files\Change Data Capture for Oracle by Attunity\Attunity.SqlServer.XdbCdcSvcConfig.chm

    However, there is no Shortcut added into the start menu, but you may wish to copy the shortcut to the Start Menu yourself.



    Other Installation Considerations

    This table explains which features are needed to successfully use CDC for Oracle by Attunity.

    When you run SQL Setup, you will notice there are no CDC for Oracle by Attunity features to select. That is because the setup is manually run outside of SQL Setup. The following features are useful to install during SQL Server 2012 Setup, and can be on the same computer or different computer from Attunity CDC services.



    Feature Selection


    CDC Services





    Service Platform to run CDC services to pull from Oracle and write to SQL change tables. Administer through MMC Snapin.

    CDC Designer




    Client Platform to administer CDC designs through MMC Snapin.

    Oracle Client Drivers

    Oracle Download Center

    Providers needed to communicate with Oracle log miner. Make sure that the 64 or 32-bitness of the Oracle client download that you choose matches the same bitness of the Attunity MSI that you choose.  Only Oracle Call Interface (OCI) is required on the CDC Instance computer, but you may choose other options to help troubleshooting efforts as needed.

    SSIS Components (runtimes)

    SQL Server 2012 Setup > Shared Features > Integration Services

    SQL Server Integration Services runtimes include the necessary tasks, connection manager, and dataflow components to run SSIS packages with CDC components.

    SSIS Components (design time)

    SQL Server 2012 Setup > Shared Features > SQL Server Data Tools

    For SSIS Developers, they may want to develop SSIS packages that utilize the CDC components on a client workstation. Therefore, Attunity CDC components are included with the SQL Server Data Tools (formerly Business Intelligence Development Studio) when it is installed on a client workstation for example.

    SQL Server Management Studio

    SQL Server 2012 Setup > Shared Features >

    Management Tools - Basic AND

    Management Tools - Complete

    Install SQL Server Management Studio to help administer the CDC database catalogs. It provides you a graphical user interface to manage your SQL Server instance, and will aid you in performing additional tasks.