Aspects of Backup for BizTalk Databases

Aspects of Backup for BizTalk Databases


When it comes to making backups of BizTalk, there is only one way that is supported by Microsoft; you need to make Log Shipping Backups. A number of usable articles have been written about making backups of BizTalk databases and other related databases. These articles are summed up and categorized in this article.

Why and how to make Log Shipping Backups

  • For BizTalk Microsoft supports only Log Shipping backups. Why?
  • Make Marked backups instead of regular Full Backups. This article provides many insides of how the Backup BizTalk Server job works
  • The original article on MSDN on making Marked backups
  • Configuring/using Log Shipping Backups can be found here

How to add/remove custom databases to the backup

  • In extension of making backups of your BizTalk databases, this article explains how custom databases should be added to the Backup BizTalk Server job.
    The article also gives some more inside information about the view which shows the databases which are in your BizTalk backup
  • How to remove custom database from BizTalk Log Shipping can be found here

Note: Only the addition of SQL Server databases is supported.

Clean up backup artifacts

  • Automatically remove old backup files with a SQL Server Maintenance Plan is described here
  • Automatically remove old backup files with a SQL Script is described here
  • Delete old backup files and folders with PowerShell is described here
  • Query to retrieve the number of records in the MarkLog tables in the TechNet Galleryis here
  • Cleaning up large MarkLog tables can be found here

See Also

Read related suggested topics:

  • How to backup your system databases (normally not in the Backup BizTalk Server job) is described here
  • Forcing a Full BizTalk backup on BizTalkAdminsBlogging
Another important place to find a huge amount of BizTalk related articles is the TechNet Wiki itself. The best entry point is BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki.
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