Installing Windows Server 8 Step-By-Step

Installing Windows Server 8 Step-By-Step


Windows Server 8 has just been released this March, 2012.
You can request to download a copy from this link for evaluation

Below is a Step by Step guide on how to install Windows Server 8 Beta.

Windows Server 8 Installation guide.

Step#1. Mount the installation CD or ISO
Step#2. Make sure that your first boot device is the CD
            (If you are on a virtualized environment. This is usually taken care off
            by the vm engine )
Step#3. Start your PC. Windows Server 8 installer will begin to load.

Figure 1. Windows 8 Installer Loading

Figure 2.  Windows Server 8 Beta Logo

Step #4. Choose Your Local Settings And click Next

Figure 3.  Local Settings

Step #5. Install/Repair option. Click on Install

Figure 4. Install/repair option

Step#6. Setup will Start

Figure 5.  Setup is starting

Step #7. Server option.  For beginners  use Server with GUI. 

Figure 6. Windows Server 8 Server options.

Step #8.  Accept the License Terms

Figure 7. Accept license Terms.

Step #9.  In Windows Setup options Choose Custom Install.

Figure 8. Windows Setup options.

Step #10. Choose Destination Drive

Figure 9.  Drive Selection

Step #11. Windows Will Start Copying Files.

Figure 10. Windows is copying files.

Step #12.  After Step 10. Windows will reboot several times.  Make it sure that you boot from the
drive where you install windows server 8.

Figure 11. Windows Server 8 starting.

Step#13.  Change Administrator password

Figure 12.  Change password

Step #14. Windows 8 Server Beta opening Screen.  Press Ctrl+ALT+Del

Figure 13.  Windows Server  8 Opening Screen

Step #15. Log-in to Windows server 8 log-in screen.

Figure 14.  Log-on to windows Server 8 log-on screen

Step #16. Windows Server 8. Server Manager Dashboard

Figure 15. Windows Server 8 Server manager.

There is a known Issues For VMware Player  user.
In the installation of VMware addition you should not install 
the SVGA driver as it will cause windows Server 8 to hang.

Figure 16. Window server 8 and Windows 8 Issue with VMware player virtual addition

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