What Is It Worth? Details on TechNet Wiki Recognition

What Is It Worth? Details on TechNet Wiki Recognition

This article reviews the different recognition available to community members like you contributing to the TechNet Wiki. Points are awarded based on our best estimate of quality (page views) with badges awarded at significant milestones.

Note that all of the information in this article are subject to change as the system evolves to better meet your needs.

What Are Activities Worth?

It is easy to contribute to the TechNet Wiki. Anyone with a Windows Live ID can join and instantly contribute comments, article revisions or brand-spanking new articles developed from personal experience and curated information from across the wonderful community ecosystem. Points are awarded at significant milestones and vary based on contribution: original authors earn more points at each milestone than contributing authors who share from a smaller point allotment.

Points by activity are summarized in the list below. We are sharing the numerical values because "15 minutes of fame" is not as "transparent" as we aspire to on the wiki. We have nothing against appropriate use of jargon, but IT Pros and Developers also appreciate "numbers." We invite your feedback, both on the numbers, and on the "message" text.

Wiki Activity Point Summary

Trigger Points


Activity Message (original author)
Article viewed 500 times 5 1 The article has achieved its 15 minutes of fame. Congratulations!
Article viewed 1,000 times 10 1 The article has reached the critical mass. Well done!
Article viewed 3,000 times 25 3 The article is pulling away from the pack. Way to go!
Article viewed 5,000 times 30 3 The article has possibly gone viral. This is full of win!
Article viewed 10,000 times 50 5 The article has become an interwebs sensation. Epic!
Article viewed 20,000 times 150 15 The article has become a global phenomenon. Smile for the cameras!
Article viewed 50,000 times 200 20 The article has possibly becomes Kind of a Big Deal.
Article viewed 100,000 times 250 25 The article is officially the Greatest Thing Ever. Congratulations!
Article viewed 500,000 times 1,000 100 The article is Setting World Records. Incredible!
Article viewed 1,000,000 times 2,500 250 The article has discovered the end of the internet. You win, congratulations.
Article is published 0 0 Contributed a new article [@PAGE_URL|@PAGE_TITLE] to the TechNet Wiki.
Edit is made to an article 0 0 Updated the article [@PAGE_URL|@PAGE_TITLE] on the TechNet Wiki
Comment is left on an article 0 0 Commented on the article [@PAGE_URL|@PAGE_TITLE] on the TechNet Wiki
Comment is left with an edit to an article 0 0 Commented on the article [@PAGE_URL|@PAGE_TITLE] on the TechNet Wiki

Achievements (aka "badges")

In the Wiki, you can earn an achievement as a Wiki Editor, a Wiki Community Editor or a Wiki Contributor in Gold, Silver or Bronze. Bronze is the entry level achievement with Silver and Gold each being "more better". Earning each of these involves different types of contribution:

Wiki Achievement Summary

Achievement Medal Trigger Description
New Wiki Contributor Ícone de realização Bronze
1xCreate Article Published your first article as a Wiki contributor.
Wiki Contributor II Ícone de realização Silver
6x500 PageViews
Published multiple, quality Wiki articles.
Wiki Contributor III Ícone de realização Gold
50xCreate Article
20x500 PageViews
Demonstrated an on-going commitment to high quality Wiki contributions.
New Wiki Editor Ícone de realização Bronze
1xEditArticle Made your first revision to a Wiki article.
Wiki Editor II Ícone de realização Silver
10x500 PageViews
Made multiple edits which contributed to continued community engagement.
Wiki Editor III Ícone de realização Gold
100x Edits
20x500 PageViews
Demonstrated an on-going commitment to providing meaningful revisions to the Wiki.
New Wiki Commentator Ícone de realização Bronze
1xComment Posted your first comment to a Wiki article.*
Wiki Commentator II Ícone de realização Silver
35x Comments Contributed multiple comments to Wiki articles.*
Wiki Commentator III Ícone de realização Gold
100x Comments Demonstrated an on-going commitment to participation in the Wiki community.*
Wiki Community Editor Ícone de realização Silver
10x Revision Comments Revised multiple articles and contributed comments for your revisions
Wiki Community Editor II Ícone de realização Gold
50x Revision Comments Demonstrated an on-going dedication to the quality of the Wiki through multiple edits with comments.
Wiki Ninja Ícone de realização Gold
500x CreateArticle Demonstrated an uncanny commitment to the success of the Wiki. Thank you!
Wiki Ninja Master Ícone de realização Gold
1000x Create Article Demonstrated a superhuman commitment to the success of the Wiki. Amazing!
Wiki Ninja Supreme Ícone de realização Gold
2000x Create Article You are the Ninja Supreme of all that is Wiki. Simply incredible!

Dreaming of the Future

How can we improve the experience? Share your ideas [here].

For example, if the view count of the article were displayed wherever the article title is displayed, (instead of only in the profile system as detailed above) you could sort by "most viewed" in your search results.


For more information, visit the resources described below.

* - Edit Comments on Wiki articles will not be counted towards the Wiki Commenting Medals, only actual Article Comments. 
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