MSDN and TechNet Profiles: Proposed Answerer Forum Achievement Medals

MSDN and TechNet Profiles: Proposed Answerer Forum Achievement Medals

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About Proposed Answerer Medals

In nature the "Proposed Answerer" achievements can be difficult. You have to propose your own answer or have someone else propose your answer. Then the OP or a Moderator has to then mark your answer. Then you have one mark toward getting a Proposed Answerer medal. If you get one mark, then you'll get the Proposed Answerer I (Bronze) medal. If you get 500 marks, then you get the Proposed Answerer II (Silver) medal. If you get 2,000 marks, then you get the Proposed Answerer III (Gold) medal.

Most people only get maybe one or two out of 100 answers as Proposed Answerers. You'd think it would be more often, but the sad reality is that people don't propose each other's answers very often, and when they do, most of those aren't even marked as answers.

If you were to have 2 Proposed Answers out of every 100 answers, then that means you would likely need 25,000 answers in order to get 500 Proposed Answer marks in order to get that Proposed Answerer II Silver medal.

Current Examples (3/26/12)

As another example, Naomi has the Silver achievement, even though she only has 7,000 answers (not the 25,000 I mentioned above):

However, she also uses the mitigations that I mention below.

For anothe example, Steef-Jan and Ed Price have been competing for medals, and it currently looks like Ed has one more Silver medal than Steef-Jan (19 versus 18), and one of Ed's that Steef-Jan doesn't have is this difficult-to-get silver medal (Proposed Answerer II). Steef-Jan currently has 1,791 answers, but he doesn't yet have 500 Proposed Answers. It's incredibly difficult to get. Check out Steef-Jan's profile here:

Naomi and Ed are both still working toward that incredibly elusive Proposed Answerer III gold medal.

Mitigation Strategy

Here is the mitigation strategy we're using (so that we don't have to answer 25,000 questions in order to get 500 Proposed Answers)...

1. Unfortunately it helps if you're a Moderator/Answerer. Not everyone is, but everyone has the opportunity to work toward it and earn it. Check out my Wiki article about how to become a Moderator on the forums (ping me if you need the link). Then you should build a team where you and your fellow Moderators propose and mark each other's answers (or you propose and mark your own answers, but that shouldn't be done as often, and I recommend not marking an answer until after you propose it for a week).

2. If you're not a Moderator, you can still build a team to propose each others' answers. Anyone can propose anyone's answers, and it just doesn't happen often enough. You can also propose your own answers (if no one else is proposing them). If you need to have a ton of your replies proposed as answers in order to even get some of them marked as answers.

3. Build relationships with Moderators who can mark your answers. Let them know when you think you've answered a question, make sure your reply has been proposed by someone, and then maybe the Moderator will mark the answer. Note that I still recommend the Moderator waits a week after proposing an answer. So this won't be instantaneous (and shouldn't be). Because ideally it's the OP/Asker who marks answers.


Learn more about earning Achievements here:

As you can tell, the Proposed Answerer II and III medals were weighed very heavily (perhaps the initial assessment assumed that people proposed answers much more often than they actually do). The Proposed Answerer medals are much harder to get than most of their "peer" medals. But that's okay, because everybody has the same challenge to try to earn them!

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This article is part of the Wiki series: MSDN/TechNet Forums. 

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