MSDN/TechNet Forums: How to Add a Forum to "My Forums"

MSDN/TechNet Forums: How to Add a Forum to "My Forums"

This article is part of the Wiki series: MSDN/TechNet Forums. 

The steps described below can still be used, but an easier process has recently been implemented (July 2013) after a forums update. The new steps are described in this new Wiki article: MSDN/TechNet Forums - How to Add/Remove Forums from My Forums List. The steps below are still useful for searching for forums.
One of the useful features of the MSDN and TechNet forums is the ability to customize your own collection of "My Forums". This allows you to easily select the forums you visit most frequently. The procedure for adding MSDN and TechNet forums to "My Forums" has changed. The steps are described below.

When your first navigate to the forums home page, you should see a link to "Quick Access" in the upper left, as shown below:

When you click the down arrow to the right of "Quick Access" you see several options, including "My Forums":

However, you must select forums and add them to your "My Forums" collection. To do this you must first find them. One method is to select the "View All" link at the left of the Forums home page, with the listing of Categories. However, this may not be visible when you first navigate to the Forums home page. If it is not visible, you must click the arrow in the upper left, below the "Ask a Question" button and the "Quick Access" link, as circled below:

When you click the arrow, this will snap a frame with forum categories. The link to "View All" is at the top, as shown below:

 In the image above, the arrow you would click to hide the categories is just to the right of the "View All" link. The "View All" link is circled near the top. When you click "View All", you can search for forums in the dialog shown below:

Notice that the forum home page behind the search dialog is grayed out. You can select categories at the left, but you can also easily search for forums by name by adding a string in the field labeled "Search categories and forums" shown in the image above. For example, below I search for the forum "Announcements for all Forums" in the "Using Forums" category by just entering the string "announce":

The search function finds the best matches for the string I entered. Notice above that I checked the forum I want at the left, and this added my selection to the pane on the right. You need to be careful with your mouse here. As it hoovers over forums in the left pane, they appear at the right. Be sure you have the forum you want showing in the right pane. You will also see a brief description of the selected forum. The dialog tells me I have selected one forum and there is a button labeled "Add To My Forums". When I click this button, the display changes as shown below:


Notice now the button I clicked has toggled to "Remove From My Forums". I am not quite done yet. I must now click the "Submit" button circled in the lower right to complete the process. It is counter intuitive, but the button must say "Remove From My Forums" when you click "Submit". To check that the desired forum has been added to "My Forums", you can click the "Quick Access" link, as shown below and select "My Forums":

Now your "My Forums" will include the selected forum, "Announcements for all Forums", as shown below:

I had previously added the other forums shown above to "My Forums". The process to remove a forum from "My Forums" is similar. You first must find it in the search dialog, as shown below:

Because the forum is in "My Forums", the button in the right pane is labeled "Remove From My Forums". I must click this button, so it toggles to say "Add To My Forums", as shown below, and then finally click the "Submit" button:

After clicking "Submit", the forum will be removed from your "My Forums".

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This article is part of the Wiki series: MSDN/TechNet Forums

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