Benefits of Microsoft Office 2010

Benefits of Microsoft Office 2010

If you are a corporate company or managing a small freelance work, Microsoft office products can help you increase your productivity at work. If you are currently using Microsoft Office 2003 or previous version then you should switch to office 2010 in order increase productivity of your work against every product provided in the suite. No matter if it is Microsoft word, excel, access or power point or any other product there are lot of improvement in the latest version that is Microsoft 2010.

Microsoft offers you a better and easy way of managing your professional documents, presentations, spread sheets and charts and more. In this current version outlook is even more easy, accessible and sophisticated. If you compare social counter feature for sharepoint, Linkedin and Facebook share feature is even more powerful.

Microsoft launched the Ribbon in Microsoft Office 2007 for the first time and with this latest edition you will get a much improved ribbon. Here you get more tools for editing documents and pictures or images. The Broadcast Slideshow feature makes PowerPoint gets exceedingly creative and technologically advanced. New content auto-highlight, version support and author bar color-coding as well as faster synchronization, real-time changes display, etc. are some of the other notable features.

If you are running a financial agency and book-keep all the financial records then new version of Microsoft Office makes your job easier and productive with Microsoft excel. The advanced application integrates Slicers and power pivot. All these features allow users to easily manage the data cells easily and accurately and with the enhanced macro support that allow you to enhance more tasks seamlessly.

When it comes to benefits and business productivity Microsoft Office 2010’s benefits are endless. Microsoft Office 2010 also supports ISO/IEC 29500, ISO/IEC 29500:2008, Open Document Format 1.1 as well as ECMA 376, and Office Open XML.

If you are facing any difficulty in installing or upgrading the new Microsoft Office 2010 in your personal or business computers and laptops either contact any online repair company or read the support booklet with it.

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