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If you plan to move your FEP reporting role and the Datawarehouse to another server, be carful of the SQL Server edition. In effect, if you use SQL Server 2005 Enterprise for example on the old server you should have the same edition (no matter for the version if it is 2005/2008/2008R2) on the new one because the Analysis Services partitions are not supported after a move from Enterprise to Standard version [for example] and they are supported just in Developer or Enterprise editions. Otherwise you will not be able to perform the move and you will see the following error:

Microsoft.AnalysisServices.OperationException: Errors related to feature availability and configuration: Exceeded the maximum number of partitions in a measure group. The installed server editions allows not more than 3 partitions and not more than 1 writeback partition.


If someone got that error, he should upgrade to the correct version of SQL on the new server.

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