Wiki: Translation Tags

Wiki: Translation Tags

This pages is intended to be an alphabetical list of the "Translated into..." or "Translated from..." tags used by the Wikiers writing translations of Wiki articles into or from one or more languages: this list can also be used to quickly find all the articles translated into one of the listed languages.
Fill free to add new items to this list when they become available.

Language Language Translation Tag 
Afrikaans    Translated into Afrikaans
Chinese    Translated into Chinese
Dutch    Translated into Dutch 
English    Translated into English
Farsi (Persian)    Translated into Farsi 
French    Translated into French 
Georgian    Translated into Georgian
German    Translated into German 
Greek   Translated into Greek
Hungarian   Translated into Hungarian
Hindi   Translated into Hindi
Italian    Translated into Italian 
Japanese    Translated into Japanese
Norwegian    Translated into Norwegian 
Polish    Translated into Polish
Portuguese    Translated into Portuguese
  Translated from Portuguese
Russian    Translated into Russian
Spanish    Translated into Spanish
Turkish    Translated into Turkish

Other Languages

This article is also available in the following languages:


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