Microsoft is in the industry for years and I think this won’t be wrong to say that Microsoft Office was the 1st desktop based office application that covers all the tasks that are necessary for an office person. No matter if it is a word document, a bookkeeping work or any other accounting or web application need, Microsoft office was there as a one prominent solution to all.

With the invention of Microsoft office 365, the work of organizations and professionals become a lot easier and effective. 365 brought a complete set of applications in to a one suite that makes a work of user more efficient and easier. Microsoft 365 is a complete suite comprising of emailing, calendar, file sharing, MS Office Web Apps, Web Conferencing and more. Moreover, it is a mobile app as well so we can use the 365 suite from a mobile phone or any other smart device.

365 contains different plans according to the number of users and requirements that suites different businesses. It has four basic plans starting from Exchange Online Plan, P1, E1 and E3 plans. P1 Plan was dedicatedly for small businesses containing users up to 50, whereas E`1 and E3 programs are specially designed for mid size businesses who are handling the workers and users up to 50,000. Organizations with more than 50,000 users can also go for the Exchange online plan for email service with their own domain names. This plan is also good for those who provide cloud based IT support services to their remove clients across the world.

There are many employees in the company who have low interface with computer systems because they may have low work tasks or at least less work that require computer. These kinds of employees who use the Kiosk worker plan containing up to 500 MB of mailbox storage. Basic features like Outlook Web Access, antivirus, Office Web Apps, these are ranging from $2 to $10 per user for 30 days.

Online calibration becomes very easy using this suite as by this you can easily check what others are writing on their documents and you can do the required edits in the document without making the different versions of the document. Moreover, these programs can be used with different smart phones that include iPhones, Android devices, Black Barry and more.

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