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This article is a study of the debate about whether or not "(en-US)" should be added to the title of English articles on TechNet Wiki. The discussion based on this article will result in a Code of Conduct guideline so that we can maintain consistency.

The consensus is that regardless of the decision made, we should definitely allow and encourage the usage of the tag "en-US" on English articles. This way we can filter on articles that are in English, including filtering on multiple tags (such as "en-US" and "Windows Server 2008 R2").

Reasons to Add "(en-US)" to the Article Title


What This Decision Would Require

  1. For consistencies sake, we should add it to every English article (over 6,000 total).

Reasons to Not Add "(en-US)" to the Article Title


NOTE: Currently, some people are removing it anyway, once it is added to their articles. This is simply because they don't like it.

What This Decision Would Require

  1. We need to stop adding "(en-US)" to English titles. 
  2. We need to remove "(en-US)" from existing English titles.

NOTE: This can be done over time (there's no rush).

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