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This article is a study of the debate about whether or not "(en-US)" should be added to the title of English articles on TechNet Wiki. The discussion based on this article will result in a Code of Conduct guideline so that we can maintain consistency.

The consensus is that regardless of the decision made, we should definitely allow and encourage the usage of the tag "en-US" on English articles. This way we can filter on articles that are in English, including filtering on multiple tags (such as "en-US" and "Windows Server 2008 R2").

Reasons to Make a Decision

  1. Currently this is creating inconsistency in the English titles. We should make a decision and roll it out.
  2. Currently people are disagreeing on this subject. Some people have made edits that others have changed. We need to make a decision so that we don't get frustrated or waste time.
  3. Eventually we'll make a decision, and if the decision is to remove "(en-US)" from the title (which it will be eventually, since our goal is to divide the languages into separate versions of the Wiki), then it will only be harder to remove more instances of English titles with the "(en-US)" language codes. If the decision is to keep the title code, then we could implement the change and struggle with it less.

Reasons Why the Language Title Code Exists

  1. When you create an article using a non-Latin/Roman-alphabet-based language (Japanese, Persian/Farsi, etc.), then the article name with any Latin letters becomes taken for the name of the article in the URL. What this means is that if someone creates an article called "Windows Server" and includes non-Latin letters in the title in addition to "Windows Server", then the title "Windows Server" is now taken (you can't create a new article titled "Windows Server"). So by adding the language code to your title,  
  2. Similarly, .  

Reasons to Add "(en-US)" to the Article Title

  1. For non-English readers to know what language the article is in when they spot it in search results and when browsing.
  2. To be consistent with all the other language-specific articles. Why should the other languages use the title codes, but English doesn't?

What This Decision Would Require

  1. For consistencies sake, we should add it to every English article (over 6,000 total).
  2. We need to get people to start adding it to the titles of all new English Wiki articles.

Reasons to Not Add "(en-US)" to the Article Title

  1. Although we currently host many languages in TechNet Wiki, the current plan is to build language-specific instances of TechNet Wiki (when migrating the articles to their own language-specific versions of TechNet Wiki, we will likely remove all the language codes from the titles). We would create language-specific versions in order to build stronger communities around each language and to make search and browsing a better experience, Since that is the case, this Wiki site is the English version of the Wiki, and thus, it doesn't make as much sense to mark all the English titles. 
  2. We'll need to remove them anyway. If we move the non-English articles out in their own versions of the Wiki, then there's no reason to have the "(en-US)" language code in the title. 
  3. Some articles already have long titles, and many people don't want to make the articles longer. (This argument exists for all language codes.)
  4. Including the language code in the title is distracting from the subject matter of the title. (This argument exists for all language codes.)
  5. It would be more difficult to implement the decision of adding "(en-US)" to every article. It would take longer to add it to all the articles (6,000 plus), it would take longer to enforce it (many of the new articles won't include it), and many people would push back (as they already have) by disagreeing and by removing it from their own articles.  

NOTE: Currently, some people are removing it anyway, once it is added to their articles. This is simply because they don't like it.

What This Decision Would Require

  1. We need to stop adding "(en-US)" to English titles. 
  2. We need to remove "(en-US)" from existing English titles.

NOTE: This can be done over time (there's no rush).

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