This article includes known issues and troubleshooting information regarding services in System Center 2012 - Virtual Machine Manager (VMM).

To learn about services, see Creating and Deploying Services in VMM in the TechNet library.

Application Deployment


 Issue Resolution or Workaround 
Deploying services with applications/GCEs on a non-English guest operating system fails if the administrator account is not called 'Administrator'. Service deployment fails because VMM tries to connect using the 'Administrator' account. For example, in the French version of the operating system, the administrator account is called 'Administrateur'. However, VMM tries to connect to the guest using 'Administrator', and therefore fails.

You can define a new Run As account for different locales that has the administrator account for that locale. You can then use this Run As account for the administrator account credentials in the guest OS profile. For example, you can define a new Run As account with 'Administrateur' and use this Run As account in the guest OS profile as the administrator credentials.


Service Placement

 Issue Resolution or Workaround 
When a user tries to deploy a service to a private cloud, one or more virtual machines cannot be placed to a suitable host. One or more of the virtual machines show a red "X". The user does not receive any placement errors to help troubleshoot the problem besides the error message "Configuration issues prevent placing one or more virtual machines to a cloud. Please contact your administrator with error code <error code>." As a full or delegated VMM administrator, in the Jobs workspace, locate the corresponding “Update placement of a service” job with the status “Completed w/ Info”. This job will contain details about the placement errors. Resolve those errors and then re-deploy the service.

Service Template Creation


Issue Resolution or Workaround
You created a service template using the Service Designer. You made changes outside the Service Designer to the VM templates, which are used as tiers in your service template. The changes are not reflected in the service template. VMM creates a copy of the VM template before attaching it to a tier in the service template. To change the VM template that is used in a service template, open the Service Designer, click a tier, and then change its properties. However, you can only make changes to a service template if no services are deployed from it.

Other Troubleshooting Resources