Sky Drive – All you need to know!!!

Sky Drive – All you need to know!!!


If you have a Windows Live account (or an old Hotmail account), then you have 25GB of free storage on SkyDrive. If you don't have one, go and grap it. SkyDrive is a great way to store lots of files in the cloud for easy access remotely. Windows 7 and now definitely on windows 8 will let you map your SkyDrive folders as network drives, making access even simpler.

How to map SkyDrive to your computer?

Windows 7 will let you map your SkyDrive to your local machine. How to do it? Here is the step

Sign in to your Windows Live account.

Get your ID from the address bar (Below showing how to get it)
Click on the "Files" as shown below

 Look at the address bar and you will find your "CID" number just copy that number

    Now go to your Windows 7 computer
    Open My Computer, then select "Map network drive" near the top bar.
    Select the drive letter you want, then type the following under the "Folder bar"
    file:// and then copy your CID number here \
    Check mark "Reconnect at logon"
    Click Finish
    Once you click finish, system will automatically attempt to log on to your SkyDrive.
    Next system will show you to enter SkyDrive credential.
    Enter the username and password and clik OK

Thats it..your SkyDrive is now mapped to your local machine.

Here you can rename the folder (If in case the language is not proper in you SkyDrive). What ever you do at the local "mapped" Skydrive, it will reflect in your SkyDrive as well.

Apps for SkyDrive?

Almost all the device now support SkyDrive and it is free just name it..Windows, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Click here to download it


Read the article from Mike Torres, and Omar Shahine, group program managers for SkyDrive.


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  • This procedure works fine  on Windows 7. However, on Windows 8 the reconnect is often cumbersome: For some reason you have to enter your credentials multiple times.

    An easy solution is the Microsoft's SkyDrive App which integrates and syncs SkyDrive with the Windows Explorer. See for details.

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