Hi everyone!

Here is a set of my best technical twitters.  Please add to this list. There must be more, and it is on wiki!
@AzureUG  Windows Azure User's Group 
 @OpenKinect   Open your Kinect!
 @donbox    Don Box -- the only one!  
 @rasmus  Rasmus Lerdorf, father of PHP      
 @WikiNinjas  This is the Wiki!
 @shanselman    Scott Hanselman. He talks about many things.
 @mswebplatform  For the Microsoft Web team. 
 @majornelson  For XBox things, it is Larry Hyrb. What geek does not love Xbox? :)
 @ch9  Microsoft Channel 9. Good things to watch.
 @tedtalks  The best, most interesting, free to watch talks.
 @migueldeicaza  Of Mono project.
 @ineta  For user's groups. The best ones for developers in .NET.
 @billgates  Tweets are not all for developers, but it is really Bill Gates!
 @SQLAzure  For the Microsoft SQL Azure team.
 @vicgundotra  Is now of Google and does not tweet much.
 @brandonleblanc   Brandon runs the Windows blog.
 @timoreilly  We love his books, this is for his tweets.
 @timberners_lee  He made HTML and the web.  But he does not tweet much.
@gregkh He does the linux kernel releases and is a geek who tweets very interesting things sometimes.
@scottgu  At Microsoft. He is in charge of development for many products. He tweets much technical information on Twitter.
 @ckindel  Is starting a new company now. What is it? Please fill in if you know!
 @wp7dev  For the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 team.
 @hypervserver     A Microsoft MVP for Hyper-V, who is named Carsten Rachfahl.
 @codinghorror  For Stack Overflow, it is Jeff Atwood. Why is it a horror? Follow and find out!