CRM 2011 Client Configuration Tune-Up

CRM 2011 Client Configuration Tune-Up

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Technical Support Team has released Version 1.0 of the “ Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Go-Live Checklist”. This document brings together several client computer configuration and setting recommendations to improve the speed of the CRM application at the user level and therefore enhance the user experience. It also outlines several resources for the IT administrator or CRM consultant.

Note that before tuning, client needs to be installed, of course. Make sure to read Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Outlook Client Installation Gotchas to avoid common installation and upgrade pitfalls.

The following is a condensed listing of the settings changes the checklist document recommends:

1. Increasing simultaneous downloads – Use this KB article to update the registry to allow IE 7/8 to retrieve more files at one time. This fixit states that it doesn’t support Windows 7 but we have applied it to several machines without any detrimental affect.  Alternatively, you could make the two registry additions manually.

2. IE Tools/Internet Options – there are several setting changes that can be made at one time in this panel:
    a. Add * and * the Trusted Sites.
    b. Increase the disk space storage size for Temporary Internet Files to 350.
    c. Uncheck Delete browsing history on exit.
    d. Change LAN settings to only Automatically detect settings is checked if there is no proxy server. 

3. IE Tools/Pop-up Blocker – if this is enabled or even it is disabled add * and * to the Allowed sites.

4. Make sure that the anti-virus or malware application isn’t interfering with CRM Online. These applications should be set to disable scanning of the CRM Online website. There are two KB articles that are good resources:

5. Enable automatic synchronization via CRM Options within the Outlook client.

6. Adjust the filters for synchronization (Offline and Online clients) to only synchronize those entities that are needed locally. All other filters should be disabled, especially those that aren’t being used in your system.

7. Calendar appointment synchronization when tracked in CRM need to the email address on the User record to match the email address being used in Outlook.

The document also lists other resources for finding help online, product training videos and how to collect information before you call CRM support.

Please add to this posting with your tips and tricks or the performance results you experience after making these edits.

Jerry Weinstock


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  • The other thing I would stress is that when using WinXp, IE8, Office 2007 and the Outlook CRM client, you REALLY need to have a fast Core 2 duo, or Core i3, Core i5 processor.  When using a 5 year old Pentium4 3Ghz machine with 2GB Ram to open up CRM Account forms via Outlook it is way too slow ( circa 12 seconds), even when linked to an on-premises install of CRM 2011.

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