FEP 2010 installation may cause duplicated collection name in ConfigMgr and thus lead to FEP reporting failure

FEP 2010 installation may cause duplicated collection name in ConfigMgr and thus lead to FEP reporting failure


FEP 2010 reporting did not show correct client information. And the SQL job “FEP_GetNewData_FEPDW_xxx” reported error message:

Executed as user: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. Error 2601, Procedure spAN_Infra_UpdateCollectionAttributes, Line 125, Message Cannot insert duplicate key row in object 'dbo.dtFEP_Common_CollectionLookupDimension' with unique index 'inxdtFEP_Common_CollectionLookupDimension_CollectionID'. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 50000).  NOTE: The step was retried the requested number of times (2) without succeeding.  The step failed.


ConfigMgr does not allow creating collections with duplicated name. However, FEP installation will create several collections with fixed names, and thus will potentially cause collection name confliction.

For example, FEP installation will create collection with name “Operations”. If there was a collection with the name “Operations” existing before installing FEP, FEP installation will not report collection name confliction and will complete successfully. However, after installation, it can show above error in history of SQL job “FEP_GetNewData_FEPDW_xxx”. Because this SQL job is to move data to FEP reporting database, such failure would cause FEP reporting not showing correct information.



In this case, we may uninstall FEP, remove the collection which will cause name confliction, e.g. “Operations”, and then re-install FEP.

FEP installation will create following collections. Before installing FEP, make sure there is no collection with same name in ConfigMgr:

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  • I am facing problems with FEP reporting since many days now.:-(

    When i pull the default FEP report "Computer List" i get loads of duplicate machines listed in the report. For Ex; the actual number of machines on the environment are 2500 however when i see the report i see nearly 4500 machines. There are lot of duplicate entries found in the reports.

    On the SCCM console i have created a collection for these duplicate machine names to be listed. As and when there are any duplicate entries found i clear them. But the problem is with reporting. The reports are somehow not clearing these duplicate entries.

    The FEP and SCCM are on same DB.

    The console collection of "All System" shows the correct number of machines it is just the reports which not showing up properly.

    I suspect the SQL DB is not purging the data correctly. It is somehow unable to rectify these duplicate entries.

    I ran the inventory updates to update the DB with latest information, no results :-(. Still the reports show wrong data.

    Please help.

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