Recently I tried publishing the UAG Web Monitor on my External HTTPS Web Portal, the UAG web monitor is very useful monitoring and reporting web application which gives you the ability to view different UAG sessions, applications, Direct Access and the UAG event viewer.

When the UAG Web Monitor is published on the UAG Portal Trunk everything works fine except the Direct Access section (Current Status and Active Sessions). When you try to open the Current Status or Active Sessions you get the below error screen.

This issue looks like a bug with the UAG and I opened a support case with Microsoft and they are considering a permanent fix. Currently with the help of Microsoft senior support to fix this issue you need to add 5 rules as follows:

  1. Go to the Trunk Configuration - Configure Trunk Settings - Configure - URL set.
  2. Copy any Web Monitor default rule and paste it 5 times
  3. Modify/Add the URL in the 5 rules as follows:
    1. /damonitor\.asp
    2. /damonitorcurrentstatus\.asp
    3. /damonitorcurrentstatusrefresh\.asp
    4. /damonitoractivesessions\.asp
    5. /damonitoractivesessionsrefresh\.asp
  4. Save- Activate and this should fix the issue

For more details on this issue please check my blog