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  • Wiki Page: 初心者のための PowerShell (ja-JP)

    始めから PowerShell を学習するためのリソースです。 Using PowerShell for the First Time (英語) PowerShell Training: Back to Basics (英語) Windows PowerShell でのスクリプティング TechNet Script Center Repository (英語) Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog - Site Home - TechNet Blogs (英語) An Introduction to PowerShell Modules (英語...
  • Wiki Page: How to Use Test-Path in PowerShell Scripts

    You can use the Windows PowerShell cmdlet Test-Path to avoid unnecessary errors in your scripts caused by things not being where you expect them, or by another part of your script returning a “path” that isn’t valid. So, for example, we can test if $profile exists: Test-Path $profile And if...
  • Wiki Page: Understanding Booleans in PowerShell

    PowerShell supports a data type Boolean, with two values possible $true, and $false. In general, $false evaluates to 0 (zero), and $true evaluates to 1. And (usually) any non-zero integer evaluates as $true. But PowerShell does automatic data type-casting, based on the left side of the equation, leading...
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