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  • Wiki Page: Visual Basic/C# Workaround: WebBrowser DBLClick Word

    Table of Contents What is this article about? Workaround References What is this article about? Recently in the MSDN forums (link below) it was discovered that the WebBrowser control (IE 10 based) exhibits the following unexpected behavior while used on a UserControl: MSDN Forums - WebBrowser...
  • Wiki Page: Mediator Pattern

    Mediator pattern ensures that the components are loosely coupled, such that they don't call each others explicitly, rather they always use a separate Mediator implementation to do those jobs. public interface IComponent { void SetState( object state); } public...
  • Wiki Page: Iterator Pattern

    This pattern provides a way to access elements from an aggregate sequentially. Microsoft's IEnumerable is one of the example of this pattern. Let me introduce this pattern using this interface. public class Element { public string Name { get ; set ; } } public...
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