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  • Wiki Page: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – Coded UI Test – Overview

    Table of Contents See Also :- Coded UI tests are innovative capability of Visual Studio 2010. Coded UI tests offer a way to create entirely automated tests which work at user interface level to certify the functionality and behavior of an application. Coded UI Test Framework features of Visual...
  • Wiki Page: Visual Studio FAQ: Why a Coded UI Test Is Able to Find the Window/Controls Even if the Search Properties Are Different

    Table of Contents Introduction Scenario Reason Solution Note See Also Introduction This is a common question that rises in the mind of every test developer. Scenario You add a control to UIMap using Coded UI Test Builder (You are able to locate the control using Coded UI Test...
  • Wiki Page: Coded UI Testing Extensibility Points. Writing to Text Files, Visual Studio & the Event Log.

    Synopsis: Writing textual information throughout the progression of an automated test library off to a file, perhaps with the variables that were being used or timestamp information etc. is of use and demanded by most testing type people at one time or another. Here’s how you do a lot of it. ...
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