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  • Wiki Page: ILM ERPMA with SAPRouter

    Recently I helped out on an ILM setup with SAP. The connection was using a SAP router . This is not the same a SAP Message server . Except for the important difference in functionality, the ILM ERPMA help is not completely clear on the method to connect to these type of SAP Servers. The...
  • Wiki Page: Troubleshooting ILM/MIIS with SAP Load Balancing Connection String

    While running a project with ILM 2007 (MIIS) connectecting to a SAP system, we needed to make sure that MIIS connects to a SAP system with SAP load balancing . Initially we used a direct connection to a development server using the default connection string that Microsoft suggests, like...
  • Wiki Page: How to Set Trace for ERPMA

    While troubleshooting an SAP ERP MA in ILM 2007 FP1 (for example because of no data returned at import), it comes handy to trace the SAP connection on client side. And for this case, the helping hand comes from another MS platform…. Check out this article on the Microsoft Developer Network. ...
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