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  • Wiki Page: Import Virtual Machine could not find ethernet switch Hatası (tr-TR)

    Windows Server 2008 R2 üzerinde Export (Dışarıya Aktarılan Sanal Makine) etiğimiz bir sanal makineyi Windows Server 2012 üzerinde kurulu Hyper-V ye Import etmek isteyebiliriz. Bu durumda bazı hatırlamamız gereken kurallardan bahsetmek gerekirse Import edilecek bir sanal makine muhakkak import edilmeden...
  • Wiki Page: Downloading an OS to a Device over Ethernet (Windows Embedded Compact 7)

    After you develop a Windows Embedded Compact 7 OS, you can download the OS image to your target device by using Platform Builder. You can download the OS over an Ethernet, USB, or serial connection. This article describes how to download the OS over Ethernet to a real (physical) device. For instructions...
  • Wiki Page: Debug an Application over Ethernet (Windows Embedded Compact 7)

    You can debug a Windows Embedded Compact application right on your device as you develop it. This debug method uses an Ethernet connection and Visual Studio, but it does not require you to use Platform Builder. That is, your application is a stand-alone Visual Studio solution; it is not a subproject...
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